Senior Leadership Team




Trevor & Sherry Scholler


Trevor and Sherry are the founders of Living Waters Revival Center in Anaconda Montana. They have a heart to see a spiritual awaking in personal lives, their community, the region and the nations of the world. Their apostolic leadership equips the children of God to step into their destiny and move in power. As Trevor begins to speak, the fire of revival begins to fall in the meetings and supernatural signs and wonders begin to manifest. As Trevor and Sherry minister in the prophetic the Spirit of God begins to sets people free from false identity from the world and the enemy and gives them the true identity that they have in Jesus Christ. 

Sonny Sando


Sonny  is a partner with Trevor and Sherry to pioneer an amazing move of God in this region and beyond. His powerful prophetic anointing brings forth revelation from Heaven and gives a clear direction for the ministry. His compassionate heart desires to see people set free from the bondage's of the enemy. As he begins to move in the prophetic the electric power of God moves through the services and mantles of destinies begin to fall on those gathering. Sonny also releases great revelation he receives from the throne for individuals that launches them into their giftings.


 Lori Cook


Lori is a powerful prophetic prayer warrior, who is the assistant leader to Pastor Trevor. Her desire is to release the Father's heart to the world. As Lori begins to release the Father's heart in gatherings people can feel his manifest presence flowing through them. She received a mantle from Kenneth E. Hagin Senior at a Holy Spirit meeting and flows in the power and authority that he carried. Lori gathers the warriors for battle and demonstrates the victories of Heaven on earth. Through her revelation of the Word people are set free from the lies and curses of the enemy and released into the freedom and promises of the Kingdom.  


Linda Bubash/Marilou Verlanic 


Linda and Marilou are powerful intercessors with a prophetic anointing. Both of them lead our Prayer Ministry. They flow in power during the services and crushes the powers of darkness over peoples lives. They walks in a breakthrough anointing for this region. As they rise up in authority the chains of the enemy are broken off people, cities and nations.  Linda also flows in the gifting as a teacher of the gospel. As she minsters the gospel people get convicted by Holy Spirit and turn their lives over to Jesus. Marilou walks in a anointing to set atmospheres for the release of God's love and power. 

Josh & Brittany Prince


Josh is a powerful man of God who is our Worship Director. He flows in the healing power of Jesus. His compassionate heart releases a hunger to see every person he comes into contact with healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. He also carries an apostolic anointing in which he is pioneering the healing ministry in the region. Josh teaches and trains other believers to flow in the same healing power that Jesus did. Brittany, His amazing wife leads our administration team and keeps things moving right along. Her skills equip the body to be a church of excellence. Brittany has a heart to serve the body with passion and a willingness to get involved anywhere she is needed. 

 Brandon & Hannah LittleField


Brandon is filled with the fire of God and carries the power to set people free from addictions. He releases the gospel of Jesus that stirs up the faith in others. His demonstration of Kingdom power causes those in darkness to see the great light of Jesus. His testimony alone carries a breakthrough anointing in which people are set free as they hear him speak. Brandon is a Co-Director for the Worship Center.

Katie Rickard


Katie is our Hospitality Director, she carries the love and kindness of the Father. Her gift of hospitality connects the body together as one. Katie carries a balm to heal the broken hearts of this generation. She makes sure the flock is cared for and protected. She is a true biblical definition of a pastor.  

Kayla Esquibel 

Kayla is a Co-Director in Connections. She has a heart to get the church outside the four walls by coming up with ideas to reach a community. Kayla has a spunky personality that is welcoming and fun. Her desire is to see the body of Christ connected and flowing in its full potential. 

Melisa Cook

Melisa is our Kids Director, she has such a heart and passion for kids and their relationship with Jesus. She is full of life and great ideas to make the kiddos feel apart of God's family. Her heart burns with passion to see to a generation on fire for Jesus and flowing in his power. 

Woodrow Morgan


Woodrow carries a wisdom from Heaven. He walks in a powerful authority from the King. His desire is to heal the sick and destroy every power of the enemy over peoples lives. The wisdom Woodrow carries releases the power into other people's lives so they to can live the life that Jesus paid for them to live.